Thursday, December 20, 2012


I haven’t felt this inspired to write in a while. Life is busy. My house is dirty. Laundry, Legos and dying turtles.  I sit in a pool of things undone and I am doing just well enough to put on make-up on a consistent basis and even more disturbing is that somewhere along the way, I convinced myself that being seen in public like this was acceptable. So- needless to say, blogging takes a back seat. But what I find that I love most about writing is how therapeutic it is for me. It’s my way of processing something that I can’t otherwise sort through with a level head. Ironically enough, running is the very same thing; only slightly more jarring to the joints.  It’s a time to sort and settle- to make well with my soul- and to perfect my snot-rockets.  Alas- free therapy. Yay!  
And so here I am. And I realize that I cannot sort through the events that have recently transpired in Newtown, Connecticut with a level head. It’s too heavy. Those babies. My babies. Our babies. And so as in situations in my past- I think I instinctively become quite numb to it all. But that’s about to change.

This Saturday (provided we all wake up to an earth that is still inhabitable), I will run for the people in Newtown and for those sweet, sweet, souls who were taken away. And I will think about them and their stories and I will sweat, and hurt, and I will cry (albeit, running makes me cry anyway. I mean, the ENTIRE toenail. Really?)… but here is my chance to process it and deal- because it’s not even my reality. It is not my experience. And honestly, avoiding it makes me feel a little selfish.
So mainly, my words at this moment are meant to inform. I want to share what is going on with this movement that I am quite honored to be participating in. And I’m asking for your help. This Saturday, December 22 at 8:00am, runners from all over Nashville and many others donating to the event but participating remotely, will be hitting the streets of East Nashville where they will choose to run (or walk) either 6.5/13/19.5/26 miles in an effort to raise money for the victims’ families. It started with a father who had an idea, a really big heart and the legs he needed to get him there. Robbie Bruce, who is co-owner of X3 Endurance, writes that his initial call was for 26 people to run 26 miles with him. “Everyone gets a name”… he says in a text to his business partner. It is now over 500 runners and climbing. If that doesn’t place a big ol’ lump in your throat then I shall deem you made of metal, you robot.
Because of the ever changing and growing number of runners, details regarding the event are quickly changing. So I want to pass on a few links and you can navigate from there. You might consider running (or walking- me and my chaffed thighs will be doing some of that too, trust me), volunteering (PLEASE NOTE VOLUNTEER MEETING THIS EVENING- VERY IMPORTANT) or throwing in a few greenbacks for the effort. If you’re not in Nashville, please remember there are many geographically challenged participants who are donating specifically to 26.4.26 but are running on their own. Recruit some friends: As a certain Mr. Bruce has discovered, you may find you have more than you thought.

The general Facebook event page has all the info you will need and Robbie updates it by the hour. If nothing else- Just read the thread and soak in the love.

Donation and T-Shirt Order link:


Thanks everyone! And love love love to the community of Newtown. That is, after all, all you really need.
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