Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson was a staple early in my life. His Thriller album was the first I album I ever owned and the infamous poster of him with the tiger hung proudly on the back of my bedroom door. The only reason it came down was to make way for this little number- which to this day sends me into a mess of childhood memories and is my all-time favorite picture of him ever! As a young girl with dreams of becoming an entertainer, I idolized this man. Obviously as time went on, the controversies and bizarre behavior overshadowed his unprecedented talent- But I imagine that privately, there may have been more downs than ups in his life than any of us could ever know. Everyone has pain- and everyone deals with it as best they can and in their own way.

Never have the words, "Rest In Peace" been more poignant- I do hope he has found his peace now. Mr. Jackson, Thank you for your contribution to this world.


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