Monday, May 10, 2010


Recently, I taught Tyson how to tie a knot. The next thing I knew- chaos ensued around the house and he took it upon himself to put his new skill to good use.

First- there's part of his Thomas the Train "Action Canyon" set; which hasn't been put together correctly since it was sitting under the Christmas tree 2 years ago. He finds other things to do with it. Like tying it to Riley's highchair, which looks like loads of fun, I must say.

Then there's this guy:

And apparently, our men in uniform get no respect around here... this poor man's been hanging around for quite sometime.

I don't think Tyson is an angry child but we're hiding all dental floss, shoestrings and industrial strength rope just in case...


Deilia Ray Williams said...

I see these pictures and all I can think is "how are your floors so damn clean?!"

Sandra said...

you are too funny! Love you. the floors do look amazing!

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