Saturday, July 31, 2010


I have moved to a new office that unfortunately for me, is within panting distance of a PEI WEI. Which- by the way- is pronounced, pay-way. Like "I'm broke, yo!- whydontchoo you pay my way, homie?". It is not Pee Wee, as in 'flogshislog' Herman. If ever someone says, "Hey, let's go eat at Pee Wee", I honestly want to point and laugh hysterically like a 7 year old boy.

So we lasted all of a day and a half before we christened our Pei Wei relationship and brought in lunch to say goodbye to our co-worker, Rebecca, who is off to explore other journeys (I am genuinely very sad about this- I think she is one of the most interesting people I have ever encountered, and I feel smarter just for knowing her). We had Pei Wei on her last day. Nothing says "We'll miss you" like lettuce wraps and fortune cookies *sniff sniff*......

I love fortune cookies- not so much for the slightly superstitious and overly romanticized piece of paper, but mostly because when you prefer your cardboard with just enough sugar to piss you off- then Fortune Cookies are really great to have around.

But I opened mine. And it just says "Plenty".
Content in what I have.
No longer feeling the void of not-enough.

This resonated with me for a number of reasons I suppose. But mostly, it's the connectivity to that other word. Content.

Isn't that really what we're all after? Just a chance to look around at your life- at the people, the memories, the home you've built for your family, the way you live your life and treat others, your soul, your skin, your heart- and say... "I am happy. I feel content. I have plenty."
Well isn't it?

So I can't get this out of my head... about the idea that maybe, just maybe, I have always had plenty. That the shadow of my constant needs and wants have always blinded me to everything and everyone I've ever been surrounded with. And sometimes, admittedly more often than I would like, I still think that way. I don't want to see my life like that anymore. So I'm not going to. Hmph.

My life may have forever been altered by lettuce wraps and that overly romanticized damn piece of paper. But I'm only slightly superstitious...
And may I add-
plenty grateful.


Kevin Oatsvall said...

When Kyle & I went to see Inception we had dinner at Pei Wei. My fortune was "Your creativity takes you to great heights." I thought that was very fitting too. :)

Whiteline said...

On the opposite end of that spectrum, I received one that said: "People are attracted by your delicate features."

I'm a dude...

- Kenny

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