Thursday, October 28, 2010

Let's see where this goes....

Ok- so I am officially a bad blogger. And a bad mommy. And a terrible wife. Not only have I not been writing about random boring crap that I somehow convince myself is funny- but I'm also not writing about things that matter- like Tyson's First Day of School, Tyson's first 6th Brithday, and Riley's first F-Bomb. These are things I need to remember- for the memories, the prosterity and the blackmail. Instead, I've been catapulted into an entirely new realm of motherhood. One that includes dropping Tyson off at school still in my pajamas, trying to convince myself that consuming a glass of wine at 3:20 is normal (though never succeeding- and by never, I mean mostly never) and training for my Oylmpic debut in Chocolate Chip Cookie consumption. So- you know; at least I have goals.

I don't know what's going on with me, faithful reader(s)... Where is my creative energy? Where is the passion for writing? Where is my lonely stranger? Where have all the cowboys gone? Do-do Da-do-do Da do-do Da do-do.....

I have no agenda- no real topic. Just randomness- from a brain that just can't seem to get it's ducks in a row and apparantly-as I stare at the clock beside me reading 11:53pm- a strange desire to be really freakin tired tomorrow.

Random thoughts:
  • There was another earthquake today- in the Gulf of California. Earthquakes are so common now- that I skipped reading about that to google "Gulf of California" Who knew California had a gulf? Does the Gulf of Mexico know about this? Is there a sibling rivarly?
  • I enjoy flossing my teeth, cleaning my ears and tweezing my eyebrows probably a little more than the average human being.
  • I like to list things in three.
  • If I am walking more than 10 steps to a desired location, I automatically go into the butt cheek squeeze walk. It makes me look like I have something physically wrong with me- but you wait, in 15 years, I'll have a nice shelf of an ass that will be a great place to lay my boobs across.
  • In the past two months, my taste in music has shifted drastically. I'm still not sure what to make of it. But it's fun to listen to something a little more refined than the Backstreet Boys.
Random videos:

Riley's Cuteness:

The Double Rainbow Guy:

And the best- THE BEST Wedding Video EVER! Congrats to my friend, April and her new husband Jeremy- for finding they way it was always meant to be....

we said vows. from Jeremy on Vimeo.

ok that's all I got people. More to come... in another year or so.


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