Saturday, October 31, 2009


Friday night I met up with Kyle's best friend, Gary (or as we like to call him- THE SWOFF) along with his girlfriend Katie and her wonderfully charismatic and energetic friend, Mikey.

We drank- we laughed- we made a mess of inappropriate jokes- and I have to say- we connected. I'm not sure what kind of energy was flowing in that smokey atmosphere but it was a good one. Very potent in the positivity- a lot of love looming around. As my kin folk in The SC would say- them's good people....

It's really, really nice when you sincerely like your husband's best friend. We had our own moment last night when he shared with me that there are two women in his life that he trusts as far as opinions on the lady in his life. His mother and me. What do you say to that? Gee- thanks? That's a compliment- no, that's an honor not be taken lightly. I was floored. Well, Mr. Swafford- My opinion is this- SHE is simply lovely- a woman with more depth and perception than anyone I have met in a very very long time. She deserves happiness- give it to her.

Gary and Katie are in love-and they carry an energy between them that is palpable and dare I say- magnetic. Who knew a moment caught with the camera would confirm that so well.

The funny thing is- I would say the same thing about Katie and Mikey- And so as not to confuse anyone, Mikey is gay but wow- the chemistry between these two is nothing short of beautiful.

I would say that Katie and I are finding our own connection and it's comforting. We are very much alike and talking to her is a little easier than it should be. I'm considering firing my shrink.

Thanks for a great night you guys!


Mikey said...

I feel honored, too! You rock! So great meeting you... can't wait til' next time!!!! Hit me up anytime: gramenz1981@yahoo

Luvs Ya,

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