Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Mount Mayon

This is our planet; More specifically, Mount Mayon in Albay, Philippines- in all her violent beauty. And right now she is really, really pissed off.

I so wish that I was as interested in this stuff in 7th grade as much as I am now. Probably would have helped out on a few science tests. Nonetheless, I take every opportunity to abosrb the information when something like this happens. Volcanos and earthquakes, space and our exploration of it, our oceans and the creatures that live there: it's all just a sobering kick in the gut that confirms just how small we really are. We think we are in charge, right? That's the most common outward example of our narscasesstic and self-consuming nature. Well, this is earth laughing in our faces.

this article is one of the more intresting ones that I have found so far...

Everyone say a prayer for this province and the people that at this moment are leaving their home, their land and livestock- everything they know. This has the potential to be bad.


Deilia said...

We were too busy in Mrs. Brookshires class writing love notes to Alan & Josh. :)
On a serious note; I completely agree. Sad for the province and sad for mother earth.

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