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Do you know this band? No? Then shame on you. Go to Itunes now and download a few songs- better yet, just download all their albums because you're going to anyway... Their 2006 self titled debut album is a sure fire winner. You will not be disappointed. Then you might want to dive a little deeper to experience "Flesh and Bones Electric Fun" which takes the composition of a live album to a whole new level. Love it Love it Love it!! Their newly released "Armistice" delivers just as well. Be sure to visit their website and take a look at the video for "BackFire". It's beyond! These.Guys.Are.Just.So.Brilliant.

And so there's a story behind all of this-and I will warn you, I don't prefer it but I have no choice but to do a little name dropping here. It's not often that I find myself in these situations.

Several years ago, I had the privilege of meeting a young woman by the name of YoMary. She also went by the nickname, JoJo which is what I chose to call her because I couldn’t quite mimic the sound it took to say her name as beautifully as she did. I can't even begin to tell you the amount of positive energy this beautiful girl radiates. She is simply magnetic and we became fast friends. JoJo is (or was- I haven’t spoken to her in a while) the nanny to a certain Mr. McGraw and Mrs. Hill. (It's important to note here that she does not reveal her employers identity easily- mostly until well after she gets to know someone. She has the utmost respect for that family and those girls and they are indeed lucky to have her).

About a year after I met her, I received a phone call from a woman named Gay. She was calling to invite me to a surprise birthday party for JoJo at La Paz in Green Hills. I gladly accepted and thanked her for the invitation. A couple of weeks later, I arrived at the party a little early and was met by the only other person there- her name was Sandra. We talked and laughed, traded funny stories about JoJo and gushed about how much we loved her. Other guests began to arrive and I finally met Gay, the friendly voice that called me. I met JoJo’s sister (who was just as vibrant and fun) and her husband and a slew of other really cool, sort of eclectic, painfully beautiful people. I almost felt like I didn’t belong, but that was certainly a result of my own insecurities, not from any of their doings.

At the table I was seated next to JoJo and across from her sister’s husband. When it was time for JoJo to open gifts, I was assigned the dubious honor of discarding the wrapping paper. Gay handed her the first gift, “This is from Tim and Faith” she said. I nearly threw up but managed to compose myself and act like I hear those names in random conversations everyday. She began opening the gift and started handing me the paper. JoJo giggled and asked Gay if one of the girls had wrapped it. Gay laughed as well and said, “No, actually, I think Tim did”. GULP. I resisted the urge to put some of that paper in my purse as a psycho keepsake but I do recall sort of um, sniffing it before I threw it away. Yeah, I know- I just have this thing with smells… What?

The party began to wind down and I found myself engaged in a rather lengthy conversation with JoJo's sister's husband- the gentleman that had been introduced to me earlier as Roy. I thought that he might be in a band of some sort, so our conversation turned to music. He told me the name of his band and I remember feeling a little embarrassed because I hadn’t heard of them. I made a mental note to look them up when I got home- but unfortunately for me, I never did. The party ended as did our conversation and I took some time to say goodbye to JoJo. There were three others that I wanted to say goodbye to, because I had actually had significant interaction with them each.

So I said goodbye to Gay- Faith Hill’s best friend.

Then to Sandra- Faith’s manager.

And then to Roy- who I would later discover was none other than Roy Mitchell-Cardenas, bassist for MuteMath. And as Cher would say..."If I could turn back time".

It was only years later, when the soundtrack to Twilight was released and the song “Spotlight” was included, that the bell went off. I saw the name of the band- MuteMath and was quickly taken back to that night at La Paz and to the super nice guy that I had the chance to talk with. And so began the getting to know you portion of my now very solidified relationship with their music. I’ve been a very vocal and loyal fan ever since.

This past summer I found myself, along with Kyle and the kids in Jason’s Deli, sitting in one of the booths. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed four guys slipping quietly into the booth in front of us. I looked up- then studied them closer. It was MuteMath, the entire band was right there, in all their glory. I could have reached out and pulled Paul Meany’s ear but thought that might be a little aggressive. But the truth was, I was frozen and completely star struck. I've been in Nashville nearly 9 years now and I've come a long way since JoJo's party- I don't get starstruck that easy. I was also overcome with insecurity and that's not easy to admit. Not only was I about 40 pounds heavier from giving birth to Riley earlier in the year, but I was dressed frumpy and sitting there with my family. I felt like such a mom; which in most situations is the title I'm most proud of. But you know- I felt like a MOM- like how you used to think of your mom when you thought you were the coolest person alive. It’s like I didn’t feel cool enough to love their music as much as I do. Because they are the epidemy of cool and I only used to be. So I never said anything. I didn’t approach them and to this day, I regret it. I wanted to say to Roy- “hey remember me? I was the schmuck at JoJo’s party who was living under a rock and hadn’t yet discovered the sheer joy that is your music.” But I ducked out of Jason’s Deli as fast as my flabby thighs and mom shoes would take me.

So Roy- rock on, brother, and I’ll keep spreading the love. You guys give new meaning to music and I’m very appreciative of your creative mark on this world.



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