Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm the girl with the kaleidoscope eyes

I have this thing with the sky. Sunsets, sunrises, clouds, the moon, the stars, meteor showers- all of it. I have seen each of these occurances- to such a stout degree of beauty that almost leaves me fearful. It's just so vast- and open. It's the doorway to our world. Like an instinct- no matter what we believe- it's the direction we look when hope isn't hanging out on ground level. It's our only peephole into the universe. It reminds us just how small we are. That our tiny little lives are mere blips in the water. Rings of energy begun by something or someone else.
One of my favorite sky scenes is the reversal of sky and cloud color. Typically, you will find a blue sky with white or gray clouds. Then you have the complete opposite, usually at sunset. A white sky with blue clouds. Beautiful.

This pic was taken outside of Riley's window last Sunday. I was about to put her to bed, when we stopped to enjoy this scenic moment together. She seemed to stare out the window with a deliberate intensity that could only rival her mother. She got really still- and then fell asleep in my arms.

I hope to never forget that moment as long as I live....


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