Sunday, June 27, 2010


Tonight- I am short on three things. Wine- Time- and Energy. Riley Beth has been sick and none of us have been sleeping very well. But I wanted to show off a few picks from the last few weeks and our visit to the Edwin Warner Nature Center today.

Our days are getting better and our spirits continue to rise. Beauty is all around us. And we are breathing it in as much as we possibly can.

It is there in friends....

who drop plans at the last minute when I score tickets to see these guys at the Opry...

It is there in fudge pops- enjoyed by the first time by the sweetest little creature I've ever known...

I found it in this baby bird- who, for weeks, became our own little nature show, as we watched her eat and grow and then fall... down to the shrubs below; waiting patiently for her wings to catch up with her will. I grew quite attached. And named her Rosalinda.

We found it in celebrating Gary- Kyle's Dad- on Father's Day. With pizza, beer, and some of the finest people this side of South Carolina.

It is there in watching the kids enjoy nature.
And of course it is simply there... in nature.

It is there in a little boy letting it be known that he is totally over the photography session

In the wonderment gleaming from the young sapphire eyes of a princess...

It is there in a father and son ridin' in a truck.

It is there in everything. And that's all that matters.


April P. said...

Happy to see these. Love this family. :)

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