Friday, April 9, 2010

I Didn't Even Have To Use My A-K

Even Mr. Cube would approve.

Score one for the city living team! Nashville MTA just began a free- did ya hear that?- FREE bus service called the Music City Curcuit. Not only are the buses super nice, they are super green using a clean diesel hybrid electric propulsion system that produces fewer harmful emissions and uses less fuel. *SWISH*- Nothing but net.

So the offspring and I set out on a little adventure this afternoon and much to my inner worry warts dismay, everything went great. We hopped on the bus at the corner of Harrison and 7th- right at the fountains at the Bicentennial Mall and got off at Riverfront station. I love downtown in the spring and summer- it's so alive- and today was no exception. Nashville tourists are such an eclectic mix of people. And people watching is prime. We grabbed some ice cream and enjoyed a cozy spot at the Riverfront. I stared out on to the Cumberland River, fondly remembering the time that I almost swam the entire width of it- I was offensivly drunk and saw no other option. Luckily, a bridge appeared out of no where. It was not one of my better moments, fo sho!
We headed to the Pedestrian Bridge and I snapped some shots of Miss Riley while Tyson was busy growling at innocent people walking by. I have given up on trying to stop this behavior and just assume that he will stop by either growing out of it or by getting slapped in the mouth by some unsuspecting victim. It is what it is.

Then, after getting trapped in some old womans fart bubble on Broadway, we found our way to the bus stop and headed home. I gotta say it was a good day. Er... except for the fart bubble. That was excruciating.

Anyhoo... pics below. Enjoy!


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