Monday, April 26, 2010

When The Week's Away, The Browns Will Play

What a fantabulous weekend! Although I failed to take my camera along to two of our planned outings, I think I'm able to rumage through my memory attic well enough to recollect a few moments to share...

In our normal 'last-minute-let's-see-just-how-close-we-can-cut-it' fashion, we secured a babysitter 2 hours before dinner and drinks with Kyle's cousin Melissa and her husband Tom- several of her friends and my favorite brother-in-law, Ben. We headed to Urban Flats to enjoy wonderful company, amazing wine and tasty flatbread pizza.

Urban Flats just happens to be one of my favorite places to eat in the The Gulch. And The Gulch just happens to be one of my favorite parts of downtown.

Then we headed to Red Door, a 'saloon' of sorts where you will find an eclectic mix of locals and tourists alike... eh, and unalike. Nonetheless, it's one of the best places to enjoy a beer, or shot while chuming up to a biker dude named Thomas and a Vandy prep named Tub (yes, these people really exsist). I partook of several vodka-sodas while Kyle chose to exercise his idiot gene by taking shots of Jack Daniels. One day he will realize that he is in fact: Over thirty.

Saturday, we got up early to pack our chairs and cheerleading skirts and headed down to Rosa Parks to yell for the marathoners. We got to see my cousin David who was going for his first full marathon- only to be cut short at 22 miles by the weather. I just CANNOT IMAGINE how disappointed so many of them must have been. I did the half marathon for three years in a row. And I have to say; for someone who always claimed that running is for, well... "runners" and I wasn't in that league (large ta-ta's and frequent hangovers don't serve well for pounding the pavement), completing a half-marathon- three times- is among one of my greatest achievements. And although it's been three years since my last one, I still find any reason to be around it. The energy  is indescribable- no matter what side of the street you're on. But I will say- being on this side now for three years really makes me feel like a bonified lard ass. So NEXT YEAR people... I'm back at it- shinn splints, seperated toenails, chaffed thighs, dried sweat-salt and all. Ahhhh- the beauty of running for nothing but pain, a free t-shirt and a medal that will take it's place among the others in my underware drawer!

The thunderstorms that came through on Saturday left Sunday in prime kite-flying condition. The clouds were low and luminous, the wind was crazy strong and the air was a mix of warm and cool currents. Give me a warm sunny day anytime- but secretly, I love days like this. I close my eyes and for a moment, pretend that the strong breeze is sliding off a nearby ocean. Man- I need a vacation. So we went a bought a kite, headed to Centennial Park and enjoyed family time. Perfect ending to a great couple of days!!






April P. said...

"yeah, one more time and then she's gonna vomit."

love it. love you guys. so sweet. can't wait to have adventures like these with my own family one day!

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