Friday, May 8, 2009

I Love My Mom... Seriously

Mother's Day is this weekend, so even as cliche' as it is, I thought that I would spout off some random thoughts (and Fun Facts!) about my mother...
-I think my mom is one of the most fair and honest people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.
-She was a world traveler before she was 5! My mother was born in Manila, Philippines and lived in Fairbanks, Alaska for two years
-Her middle name is actually "Lou"- as in Sandra Lou -and I think that is both unfortunately cute and hilariously funny at the same time.
-I may not share her views on certain things, but I respect her devout faith and strong convictions.
-She has always encouraged and allowed me to find my own way and to be my own person.
-My mother was sort of the "ugly duckling who turned into a swan"- Growing up, she was not the most physically attractive child. She was twiggy skinny, had flaming red hair and a blanket of freckles covered most of her scrawny frame. But in her late teens and early twenties, she came into her own... and wow... did she make up for lost time!
-My mother is really good at Pool- you know, Billiards. At age 25 she won an all male pool tournament, knocking out 26 men; all experienced players and many twice her age.
-She and her husband have a really strong and loving relationship. But they have had their battles. I admire her commitment, persistence and strength to see it through to where it is now. He is a lucky man.
-My mom has a beautiful voice and should share it with people more often.
-I'm not exactly sure what my mom's "job" is but I know she's really good at it.
-I would say 99.99999% of people who know my mother really really like her.
-My mom always ends a phone conversation with me by saying "okloveyoubye" like it's one big word. It kind of gets on my nerves but at this stage in the game, if she didn't say it, the course of the universe would change drastically.
-She could survive on a diet of chocolate ice cream, roast beef subs (from Publix) and pistachios.
-She is an incredible "Nana" and her grandchildren adore her.
-She has always displayed a perfect balance of being involved without being intrusive. She shares her opinions but has always allowed me to form my own.
-She is irrevocably goofy and has a great sense of humor.
-I feel like a million bucks when I make my mom laugh.
-She ALWAYS compliments me on everything from how great my house looks to how pretty I am. Not a good standard to set for my husband, but at least I know I can get it from my mom!
-My mom had a very close relationship with her father. I know she misses him everyday.
-My mom is very simple- She isn't drawn to overly extravagant things and doesn't seek to impress others with material nonsense. She impresses others with a deep substance that shines just as bright.
-I am a good mother because of her.....

Happy Mother's Day Mom! See you in a couple of weeks!!


Sarah said...

Finally! I am so excited you've decided to blog. I always thought you would be great at it. And what a beautiful first post. Your mom seriously does rule. A lot of those things reminded me of my mom, too. :) Have a great weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!

John Pointer said...

Dear Brandy,

My name is John Pointer. I'm a friend of Kyle. I wanted to compliment you on your writing skills! I read your profile of your Mom and it was great. I am so sorry that you all had a robber at your home recently. Kyle has informed me that you have read my book, "Bend But Don't Break". A few years ago, I was told by "experts" to eiether have a script or put my story in writing. So, I wrote my story in a "pop culture" type of appealing manner. Without a doubt, it could have been more informative. Regardless, I've had quite a bit of interest from my book. I hope to communicate with you at some point and get your intake on the book. Feel free to contact me when you get a chance. I certainly understand that you have a "little guy" that keeps you very busy! I also hope that you and Kyle will get a chance to meet Vicki, my wife. Sincerely, John (615) 210 - 5543, cell,

Sandra said...

WOW! I am so humbled. And yes tears! I cry every time I read this post (yea, I've read it a couple of times)Because of Tyson and Riley, you know how deep my love is for you and Kevin..unmatched. Thank you. Momma

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