Friday, May 15, 2009

The Official Introduction of Our Latest Production

This is Riley Elizabeth-

Her cheeks are the most delicious things I have ever seen- like two giant sweet potatoes hanging from her face.

She laughed out loud for the first time today. There are simply no words to describe that feeling. So there I was, laughing through my tears, physically melting into some sort of liquid bliss.
I must say it has been different having a girl. Many people warned me of this. Not that it's a bad thing, of course, but it's just different. This is my daughter. This is a little girl who will learn from me (but thankfully not ONLY me) all that it means to be a woman. And for some reason I am completely freaked out by this. I feel like I have alot crap to sort out before I can be the example that she deserves. Geez! She's only three months old and she's already driving me to therapy!!
But I just want so much for her...
First, if the picture above is any indication of her future face to forehead ratio, I want her belfry to shrink a bit...
But mostly I want her to be confident and strong.
I want her to be healthy and LOVE HER BODY no matter what flaws she may have.
I want her to respect herself.
I want her to respect her family.
I want her to respect the earth.
I want her to let me braid her hair.
I want her to let me comfort her when her heart is broken.
I want her to know I've been there too.
I want her to see the world.
And I want that world to be nice to her. Afterall, she is my little girl.
I want her to be authentic,
and happy...
Just be happy, Riley Beth. Always be happy.


Rach said...

I cannot believe you think your baby has a large belfry!!!

But for real, sweet post :)

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