Monday, May 11, 2009

Random Memory of the Day

I just got off the phone with my friend Rachel.

She is one of the coolest people I know.
Rach and I met not long after I moved to Nashville and we have been pretty tight since. WOW- Has it really been almost 8 years?? That's seriously strange. I was very fortunate to meet someone with whom I would connect with so well. To still be such good friends after this long; surviving even the most fierce friendship killers like marriage and babies? Well, it's rare, but I was lucky.

This picture is one of my favorites although I will say Rach's tongue is seriously freaking me out. It literally looks like it is separate from her face!!! So I think that she and I, along with Kyle, were at the Sportsman's Grille in Hillsboro Village watching a football game. We had had several "beverages" and at this point were really having a great time. This is also where my infamous Profile Picture was taken. (I happen to think that "random foods stuck up your nose" is always funny! ) Anyway, I remember that Kyle and I were dealing with some stressful things around that time and we both needed to get out and let loose. No one else better to do it with than Rach!

She's also like the best secret keeper ever!

So there's my random memory of the day. To everyone else but Rach sorry to have wasted 2 minutes of your life.


Rachel said...

I am LMAO!!! I love that picture. What secrets are you referring to hmmmm? Thanks for the sweet post :)

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