Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Torment for Twlight

I think what I am doing at this very moment is so incredibly hysterical that I felt it completely necessary to take time out of doing it just to blog about it... Seriously, I beg of you to make fun of me...

My two children are sleeping soundly in their rooms completely unaware that their normally sane and appropriately age acting mother has now morphed into an undercover 13 year old. God, I'm really seriously embarrassed about it. I'm vegging out on my sofa eating Gummy Worms deep in the throws of a Twilight Tantrum. Currently, I'm watching the movie, reading about the new movie online and I if I turned on my car right now, the Twilight Soundtrack would naturally be blasting from the speakers. Not only am I drowning in a teenage vampire super massive black hole (Seriously, Muse now officially rocks my brain), I'm taking someone with me... (Sorry Britney, it's too late to turn back now.....)

Many of you know of the Twilight Books and now of course, the movie, which for the record isn't anywhere near as amazing as the books but it didn't suck and Rob Pattinson IS pretty yummy. He's also an extremely talented musician with two of his songs included in the movie. AND BREATHE.......

YEP, I'm sucked in... I'm a Twilightmom. Yes, "Twilightmom." It's kind of like the phrase... "Yes I have herpes." You've accepted it but you don't really want to talk about it. And for legalities I must say that I did not coin this phrase. It's from the fabulous Website Go there!

Listen girls; If you have any sort of insecurities or instabilities present in your life (not that you HAVE to have these things), this phenomenon will slither its way into your pores. It's kind of like... well, herpes. Once you got it, you got it. There's no cure; only ways to moderately contain it.

Whatever... So I feel like I'm ready to announce it to the rest of the world! I'm even getting a bumper sticker for my SAAB 93, which I sometimes imagine is a shiny silver volvo. Yeah, it says "DRIVES LIKE A CULLEN".

My husband is thrilled.


Rachel said...

Wtf does "DRIVES LIKE A CULLEN" mean??? I have seen that all over cars lately. Also, I have not yet started reading the book and now I am scared to do so. I don't want to end up like you!


grayai said...

Ok, so I've read Twilight & New Moon and only about 15 minutes of the movie because I thought that it did seriously suck and was disappointed that Dr. Cullen wasn't the Brad Pitt I had imagined. But I like Jacob, which my high school kids tell me means that I am "Team Jacob" and run with werewolves. I guess Cade's kind of a hot sweaty man, so I suppose I lean more towards them naturally. But, I would classify my obsession more as a cold or the flu rather than herpes because I had it for a while but it's kind of run its course. Maybe when I have time to read the other two this summer, I'll be passionate enough to listen to the soundtrack. So, what's that disease that disappers for a while, then comes back? Genital Warts? But, I will make fun of you for the bumper sticker - that's a diehard Twilightmom!

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