Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I had two Maids of Honor in my wedding- Allison and Rachel. Because at a very care-free, beautifully chaotic time in my life- we were as close as three very different individuals could be. For about two years, we were a package deal. But in Feburary of 2004, my life took an unexpected turn when Kyle and I found out we were adding to the herd. A baby. An effin' baby.

After having convinced the two to forge on without me- that it was the 'only way'- they did just that. It was hard. I was excited about having a child with the man I loved so dearly- but it was hard. Nine months later, they were there for the birth of my first child. Sharing that experience with the two of them meant more than any party, any concert or any beer tent could ever offer.

Still, beer tents do sound pretty kick-ass...

A few years later, Allison began contemplating a move back to her home state of Illinois. Rachel and I devised several illegal and immoral plans to keep her here, but decided she might need the use of that arm at some point so we let her go. Kicking. Screaming. We said goodbye- to the trio and life as we knew it- all crammed in the back of that little black Celica.

So here we all are- each immersed in our own little worlds for 95% of the time. Rach is loving life- a new job, staying active and looking forward to getting back in the dating scene. I, of course, stay busy with Riley, Tyson and cramming Subway Sandwiches in my pie-hole. And Allison? Well, Allison became a mommy to Tanner Joe almost two months ago. So Rach and I traveled to Illinois to meet his acquaintance. And what a sweet little blessing he was!

And to wake up our livers a little. Or- a lot.

So before you get to the pics, I'd like to share a few very important things I learned on this trip. Who knew it would be so educational?

  • Rach hearts cruise control and bands with weird names.
  • 5 story gigantic crosses are super creepy at night, illuminated by orange light and partially hidden in dense fog.
  • 5 story gigantic crosses are super creepy at night, illuminated by orange light and partially hidden in dense fog and pretty much any other time of day and in any kind of weather. It's just a bit much, people.
  • lllinois is flatter than a 10 year old girl.
  • People in Illinois do not take well to curves in their roads. Your messin' with the grid system, apparently.
  • In Illinois, beer or more specifically, The Beast, is consumed quickly and frequently.
  • Crepe's are Yumm-O.
  • If you meet someone named Matt Dean- you may not call him Matt. You must call him MattDean.
  • His fiance', Lindsey, is super sweet. (Still pulling for you to find the dress of your dreams!)
  • Allison and Dusty make pretty babies. Boomer is pretty cute too!
  • Allison's Mom, Vicki: true definition of a matriarch- takes care of business, laughs often, and creates a home that is saturated in all that it means to love family. She fits it well.
  • Allison's Stepdad, Tom: true defintion of a man that appreciates life for all the right reasons. And very funny. Smart funny.
  • Allison's brother, Scott: Turkey Killer (no- this is a compliment- a title he wears proudly.) And funny- Smartass funny 
  • Allison's Family: Even better than beer tents. And all the reason a young woman needs to go back home.
  • I've learned that a friendship- or even better, a threeship- can withstand and surivive life and all its twists and turns. And that with a little effort, gas money and a pocketful of memories- you can be 23 again. Even in the Washington Street Pub.
-Love you girls! Thanks for a wonderful and much needed weekend away!


Vicki and Tom's Home

And last but not least- The Effingham Cross. I guess if Jesus does come back, at least we know where he'll be landing...


Allison Branca said...

Umm Let me just say that I laughed and cried reading that! You have not lost your touch with writing, in fact you just keep getting better! Thank you for the wonderful story of us, the threesome and the wonderful times spent thus far. MANY MORE to come Brandy!! Love you so much and thank you for coming to see us here in the 10year old flat girl state! :) Cheers!

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